1. 2-channel UHF wireless system, 50 frequencies for each channel are optional
2. Equipped with LCD display, real-time feedback system working status
3. Digital audio code locking technology is adopted to effectively block the noise interference in the use environment
4. Adopting the latest infrared automatic frequency matching (ACT) and automatic frequency selection (AFS) technology, it is easier to set and operate
5. Two microphones can be used interchangeably. The microphone is made of aluminum alloy shell (the lower tube is made of high-density plastic), durable and more stable. It can be equipped with hand-held / Lavalier / headset microphone
6. In an ideal environment, more than 160Ft


1. Type Of Receiver: UHF
2. Carrier Frequency Range:640-690Mhz
3. Operating Range:30- 50m (Ideal Condition)
4. Frequency Stabilization: ±0.005%
5. Rf Output Power: 10mw 
6. Reception Sensitivity: -100dbm(S/N≥60db)
7. S/N Ratio: Better Than 100db
8. Harmonic Radiation: < 50dbc > - 40dbc
9. Maximum Output Sound Pressure: 130db
10. Power Adaptor: 110-240V
11. Working Current: 500ma
12. Battery: 1.5V AA*4 Battery (Outcluded)
13. Color: Silver
14. Receiver Dimensions: (16.5 x 7.1 x 1.8)" / (42 x 18 x 4.6)Cm (L x W x H)
15. Microphone Dimensions: (10.2 x 1.3)" / (26 x 3.4)Cm (L x W)
16. Weight: 6.9 Lb/ 3.15 Kg

Package Includes:
1 x Receiver
2 x Microphone
1 x 1/4" Jack Cable

You need to buy four 1.5V AA*4 Batteries for your microphones.


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Anti-Interference Wireless Microphone System with Adjustable Frequency

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