This product complies with the universal piano stool standard. It comes with a bookcase, so you can store music books. It can be raised and lowered to adjust the height. The design of the button stool surface is more luxurious.It adopts the shape of a horseshoe foot and has a classic and luxurious feel. Made of high-density sponge, so it is more comfortable to sit. And it is made of waterproof leather, more wear-resistant and durable. The surface is painted with piano, and the color is bright, which matches the piano very well. It is suitable for any piano. The important thing is also easy to assemble and clean.




1. Folding surface processing of the bench surface, more luxurious

2. Thicken the high-density rebound sponge to make it comfortable to sit on

3. High gloss paint matching piano, applied to any scene

4. The bearing weight exceeds 150kg, which can be used by two people



Specification (Main Parameters Of The Product):

1. Color: Black

2. Load Bearing: 150Kg

3. External Dimensions: 73*40*48-58 Cm

4. Inside Size: 66*34*4 Cm

5. Material: MDF, High Density Sponge, PVC Leather, Stainless Steel Hardware Accessories


1x piano bench


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29" Piano Bench Adjustable Black

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